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We frequently work on a range of projects which vary widely in style and scope. As we’re an Interior Architecture/design practise we can provide all the necessary services to complete a project from conception all the way through to completion.  


We also regularly collaborate with decorators, architects and developers by  producing a complete package of Interior Architectural drawings and complimenting specification schedules.


​We are very flexible with how our clients would like us to be involved, whether fully immersed, going to all client meetings and taking a leading role with the management and co-ordination of the design or just simply to provide a drawing package in the background for the client to do as they wish. 

Creativity is our bread and butter but perhaps more importantly we always have one eye considering the implications of our designs with a more sober practicality and the realities of construction, this means that no time is lost on redesign and the clients finances are protected.  

Below is a summary list of the drawings and schedules we can produce for your project.

- Conceptual spatial plan layouts.

- Fully detailed General Arrangement Plans (furniture, lighting, electrical and reflected ceiling plans). 

- A complete set of architectural house details (scale 1:1, 1:2 & 1:5) such as plasterwork (cornices), woodwork (doors) and stone details/profiles.

- Individual room elevations (scale 1:20) 

- Detailed drawings of joinery (scale 1:1, 1:2 & 1:5). 

- Colour renders or 3D's can be provided if the client so wishes.

- Specification schedules (sanitaryware, finishes (paint, marble, timber etc), lighting (decorative & integrated), appliances, ironmongery & door hardware).

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